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Why Social Condom

They say there’s an app for everything; but now, for the first time ever, there is a revolutionary and secure way to prove and enforce the concept of consensual sex between two people. Social Condom is an application that regulates and protects the sanctity of consent before sex with the use and convenience of the modern smart phone.

According to the majority of legal systems worldwide, sexual activity without consent is legally defined as rape; therefore, for sex to be safe, legal and moral, both individuals must both say “yes,” and this very notion is the concept of “consent.”

As important and as noble as consent is, there is sadly one enormous problem with it: it is very hard to prove, plain and simple. Most people tend to not have lawyers or contracts with them when they’re about to have sex, so how does society prove consent actually happened?—the answer is that it really can’t!

As large as the problem is, the solution is very simple: we need an easy and comfortable way to verify consent before people have sex. Social Condom is a cell phone application, and it does this in a private and easy way, with several different options based on the user’s comfort preference. The app is designed to be confidential and very option-based, yet it still helps to solve the fundamental problem by trying to prove consent happened, and to remind the users about the process of consent. We’ll talk about how the app actually works a little later, but for now, try to ask yourself if this app is right for you.

What Is Social Condom

Social Condom is a readily available app on your mobile device which is designed to take the simplicity and user-friendliness of a modern app to take on the serious threat of rape that is exposed to millions of people around the world.

This being said, the same difficult issue of how someone can prove both people have formally consented to safe sex needed to be somehow fixed, and that is exactly what Social Condom’s primary motive is for you, as well as your partner.

Once the app is installed, it will walk you through a very short process of documenting you, and your partner’s official consent and acceptance toward one another. It’s actually very simple, and not intrusive at all; all the app is really doing is asking you both if you agree to have sex. By doing this, the app is literally documenting both of you officially agreeing to have sex. This helps defend you both against false rape allegations, this reminds you both of the rights and freedoms of the other person, and it has helped educate you both about the importance of consent, all while taking only a few moments on your cellular device.

Granted, it is a very honest question to how intrusive the app will be; after all, sex is of course a very private matter. Social Condom is only interested in the agreement to have sex, and the developers understand that not everyone is as comfortable with putting their love life on documentation. To overcome this, Social Condom has three options to choose from based on you and your partner’s preference on privacy.

Who Benefits From Social Condom

You may be thinking, “Can I stand to use Social Condom?” Well, sure, why not? Social Condom is a universally used application, catered to all peoples. This is truly what we like to call a “preventative care.” While it may not be quite the same as putting sunscreen on before you go into the hot, summer sun, its preventative nature may be more comparable than you would think. At any given point in your life, you may run into an unexpected situation of wanting to engage in intimate relations, though you aren’t quite sure if you really need so much protection. Hey! You may be right, but do you really want to leave that chance to fate?

For sake of this conversation, let’s also expose the benefits of Social Condom through use of gender - Ladies first now.

For women, being in the dating atmosphere may be dangerous when it comes to sexual encounters. When being approached by a potential partner it can be a subjective event, with a lot of he said, she said. When a partner is courteous enough to mention the use of Social Condom while pursing intercourse, it indicates they want the relations to be a consensual, respectful, and an enjoyable experience. Through providing three options to choose from in order to give consent, it makes the process quick, and hassle free. Social Condom tracks multiple facets when the participants are completing the process. These include location, date, time, and signatures, along with a video of both participants, or an unique PIN code, verifying consent of the Social Condom. Given the data is tracked and stored, each party feels more piece of mind of moving forward with their partner.