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Consent - You Decide

Consent has never been made more convenient, with three unique features. Each consenting feature provides support to the consent of sexual relations and all are equally valued. Social Condom has revolutionized the industry through means of convenience and choice to all users. These three, customized consent features have been described below, for consumable information.

Bluetooth Consent

Why? The Bluetooth acknowledgement feature provides consent using speed technology. The personal PIN created allows for "Social Condoms" to be accessed and completed quickly, with the benefits of anonymity by using multiple devices.

How? In order to access the Bluetooth option, a personal PIN must be created, while creating the profile. Please note, this PIN should be kept different from the PIN used to unlock the phone. Both parties must have downloaded Social Condom and enter a PIN indicating both are consenting to the possibility of sexual relations through bluetooth connection.

Video Consent

Why? The Video acknowledgement feature provides clear, depicted data through means of video, indicating consent to the possibility of sexual relations.

How? Upon initialization of a "Social Condom" each individual will say their name, date, and what they are consenting to. Both parties then record an 8 second video indicating both are consenting to the possibility of sexual relations.

Written Consent

Why? The Written acknowledgement feature provides a layer of evidence to consent by using the signature of each individual. This form of consent is handy, but it is greatly recommended to use the Aftercare feature to gain the most benefit.

How? Both parties sign indicating both are willing to move forward with the possibility of sexual relations.


'Aftercare' allows for a follow up to the "Social Condom". Performed after sexual relations have occured, each party sign indicating the relations were consensual and no foul play was involved. The Aftercare feature on a "Social Condom" is available up to 24 hours after the "Social Condom" was initiated, ensuring Aftercare is perform promptly after relations occur. Though Aftercare is not mandatory, it is highly endorsed to gain the most benefit of using a "Social Condom."


Regardless of the chosen feature above, all "Social Condoms" are sent to the Social Condom Cloud. This information may only be accessed in the event of a legal dispute over consent.