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What is Social Condom?

Social Condom is a readily available app on your mobile device which is designed to take the simplicity and user-friendliness of a modern app to take on the serious threat of rape that is exposed to millions of people around the world.

This being said, the same difficult issue of how someone can prove both people have formally consented to safe sex needed to be somehow fixed, and that is exactly what Social Condom’s primary motive is for you, as well as your partner.

Once the app is installed, it will walk you through a very short process of documenting you, and your partner’s official consent and acceptance toward one another. It’s actually very simple, and not intrusive at all; all the app is really doing is asking you both if you agree to have sex. By doing this, the app is literally documenting both of you officially agreeing to have sex. This helps defend you both against false rape allegations, this reminds you both of the rights and freedoms of the other person, and it has helped educate you both about the importance of consent, all while taking only a few moments on your cellular device.

Granted, it is a very honest question to how intrusive the app will be; after all, sex is of course a very private matter. Social Condom is only interested in the agreement to have sex, and the developers understand that not everyone is as comfortable with putting their love life on documentation. To overcome this, Social Condom has three options to choose from based on you and your partner’s preference on privacy.

The first option is a signed contract, and this choice is for the partners who desire privacy above all else. A short Agreement reminding both people about the nature of consent and the natural rights of both people to quit at any moment is displayed, and after, both people are asked to sign their names on the phone or tablet, providing the most convenient, but also the most discrete method of recording consent.

For people who are more independent, and who perhaps want to use their own devices to prove their own consent, rather than their partner’s, Social Condom can help guarantee consent by Bluetooth. One person will set up the new ‘Social Condom’ and transfer it through Bluetooth to their partner. This option is best for people who may be interested in one another, but not yet fully certain. This forces both people to have first gotten each other’s cell phone numbers, and allows both to accept at any time they choose, or perhaps not at all. The ‘Social Condom’ will be sent to the other person’s device through a text message, where it can be accepted or declined at any moment.

The third version of a ‘Social Condom’ that two users may choose from is perhaps the strongest form of defense in a court of law. Ironically, it perhaps is also the most ‘friendly.’ A user may set up a Social Condom to take a very brief video recording, where both people together say on camera that they agree to the possibility of sex with one another. This option may provide the most evidence to defend you, or your partner in the possibility of a rape accusation, by showing investigators exactly who you were with, the levels of intoxication, and the type of environment around you both. The video may allow lawyers and police to gather as much extra information about the situation to decide justice, therefore, being an incredibly safe option, both legally, and even physically.

Don’t worry: everything is confidential

These three options are easy to use, do not take very long to perform, take in the most minimal information, but are ways to help prove, regulate and educate consent. They can defend a person in many ways, by showing law enforcement the details about your relationship if ever a dangerous situation or legal dispute occurred.

However, there is of course a concern about how confidential this sacred information will be. Even with all the levels of security, and the options designed for discrepancy, Social Condom guarantees that all information is Private and Confidential. Once a ‘Social Condom’ has been signed by both people, it instantly vanishes off of the phone it was generated from onto Social Condom’s Private Servers, where they may only be retrieved by Law Enforcement with Proper Authority.

Don’t worry, no one will ever know who you had sex with; Social Condom is only designed to be a way to gather the most minimum information possible to recognize the consent between two people. The information will only be recovered to defend you or your partner in a serious court of law.

Social Condom Map View

Social Condom’s primary motive is the protection of “all” of you, by trying to standardize consent in an effort to draw the line between lawful sexual intercourse and rape. Since all this information is stored on company servers, no one, unless ordered by law enforcement, will ever be able to access your information. Everything about Social Condom is for your defense in the worst possible situations.

With that in mind, another unique feature to Social Condom is its Map View. The exact locations and most certainly the names of you and your partners will never be released for public viewing, however, Social Condom does allow a “map view,” where you may view the general locations where and when you signed a contract with your anonymous partner.

What makes the map view so crucial is that in an event of sexual violence or rape, you can use your data to give to law enforcement to help determine where exactly you were in the event of a bad situation. The map view allows Social Condom to provide law enforcement the tools to help prevent possible abductions and help deliver justice to perpetrators. With Social Condom, you give police the ability to not only know who you were with, but also where. This can provide the legal system key information to help you in whatever legal dispute you may find yourself in. The map view is another policy of social condom that works with whatever option you choose to help protect you, your partner, and the idea of consent.

On behalf of the entire Social Condom design team, we hope our app is useful for you as a means of legal, and even physical defense. We hope it serves you, and hopefully all of society as a means of regulating consensual sex, reminding the general public what safe, consensual sex means, and to continue to protect “all of you” throughout all your adventures.