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Who Benefits from Social Condom?

You may be thinking, “Can I stand to use Social Condom?” Well, sure, why not? Social Condom is a universally used application, catered to all peoples. This is truly what we like to call a “preventative care.” While it may not be quite the same as putting sunscreen on before you go into the hot, summer sun, its preventative nature may be more comparable than you would think. At any given point in your life, you may run into an unexpected situation of wanting to engage in intimate relations, though you aren’t quite sure if you really need so much protection. Hey! You may be right, but do you really want to leave that chance to fate?

For sake of this conversation, let’s also expose the benefits of Social Condom through use of gender - Ladies first now.

For women, being in the dating atmosphere may be dangerous when it comes to sexual encounters. When being approached by a potential partner it can be a subjective event, with a lot of he said, she said. When a partner is courteous enough to mention the use of Social Condom while pursing intercourse, it indicates they want the relations to be a consensual, respectful, and an enjoyable experience. Through providing three options to choose from in order to give consent, it makes the process quick, and hassle free. Social Condom tracks multiple facets when the participants are completing the process. These include location, date, time, and signatures, along with a video of both participants, or an unique PIN code, verifying consent of the Social Condom. Given the data is tracked and stored, each party feels more piece of mind of moving forward with their partner.

For men, sexual encounters may also pose to be a dangerous environment. Perhaps, not necessarily in the same sense a woman would perceive or endure danger, but a legal minefield. As the male counterpart, there’s a risk of being called a “rapist” and being thrown in jail with out little to no evidence. A great benefit of using a Social Condom is, if your potential partner doesn’t want to give consent via Social Condom, it could be a potential red flag. If your partner wont put it in tangible form, maybe they’re not worth your time or may have had an ulterior motive. If they do proceed with the Social Condom, well, that’s one less thing you need to worry about while enjoying your evening.

One of the most salient features of Social Condom is the Aftercare option. Aftercare provides a follow up to the initial “Social Condom,” which is performed following the intimate relations. Each party sign their name, advertently stating no foul play was involved and they were respected. The Aftercare may only be signed 24 hours after the initial Social Condom is initialized. The benefit of the follow up through Aftercare allows yet another “preventative care” sequence in the very recommended “Social Condom.”