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Why Social Condom?

They say there’s an app for everything; but now, for the first time ever, there is a revolutionary and secure way to prove and enforce the concept of consensual sex between two people. Social Condom is an application that regulates and protects the sanctity of consent before sex with the use and convenience of the modern smart phone.

According to the majority of legal systems worldwide, sexual activity without consent is legally defined as rape; therefore, for sex to be safe, legal and moral, both individuals must both say “yes,” and this very notion is the concept of “consent.”

As important and as noble as consent is, there is sadly one enormous problem with it: it is very hard to prove, plain and simple. Most people tend to not have lawyers or contracts with them when they’re about to have sex, so how does society prove consent actually happened?—the answer is that it really can’t!

As large as the problem is, the solution is very simple: we need an easy and comfortable way to verify consent before people have sex. Social Condom is a cell phone application, and it does this in a private and easy way, with several different options based on the user’s comfort preference. The app is designed to be confidential and very option-based, yet it still helps to solve the fundamental problem by trying to prove consent happened, and to remind the users about the process of consent. We’ll talk about how the app actually works a little later, but for now, try to ask yourself if this app is right for you.

If sex without consent is rape, and if there really isn’t a way to prove if consent really did happen, then that would mean every person who has sex is at a huge risk just from the inability to prove consent.

Consider American Blackhawks hockey star Patrick Kane, who was accused of raping a women in 2015. After millions lost in legal fees and dropped endorsements, the embarrassment of being called a “rapist” Patrick Kane was never even charged!! But he could have lost everything just because he was unable to prove consent. What if Mike Tyson had purchased a .99 cent “social condom” video of Desiree Washington and himself conceding to mutual sex? when she returned to his hotel room in the middle of the night? Would that video have prevented him from being accused and sent to prison for Rape! Losing his title, his carrier, sentenced to 6 years in prison, losing millions of income dollars in the height of his career and humiliated as a rapist.

Consent isn’t only about making love romantic and lawful; consent protects you against false rape allegations. Social Condom, by enforcing and helping to prove consent, will help show that you and your partner both agreed to the possibility to sex in the near future, and therefore can help defend you in a court of law against potential lawsuit, or false rape allegations.

In short, Social Condom is a way to help clear the huge ambiguity between fair sex and forceful rape by helping to define and highlight consent. It provides you, as well as your partner with a line of defense, all while being easy and comfortable to use.

Roughly 300,000 Americans are the victims to rape and sexual assault every year. Not only that, but over two thirds of these cases are unreported. The main reason this happens is because people tend to not understand what consent is, and how any form of sex without it truly is rape.

That being said, if there is one overarching reason to consider Social Condom, it is to spread rape awareness , and enforce the concept of consent. Social Condom, above all else, is a humble way to try to encourage all cell phone users, especially in the younger generations, to be reminded and educated about the process of consent. Social condom, in its familiar and easy-to-use app structure, can aid in this bigger-picture-project, and help instill the idea of consent in our population as a whole to fight the entire idea of rape in our culture, all while providing strong defense against the possibility of a false rape allegation.